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Do you need a website?

Many of you who is not having a website i.e. not having a internet presence may find themselves in two minds for example

  • Should I have a website?
  • Should I not have a website?

The answer to the above question can be easily answered if you can evaluate and take in to consideration the points I mention below:

  • Now India ranks as the third largest Internet users in the world next only to US and China. Its internet users may well exceed 25 crores by the end of 2013. More and more people find it convenient to transact through web or at least do research on Internet before going to the physical shop.
  • Think of Railway Ticket sold through IRCTC even at a additional charge than sold at the counter and yet so many people find it convenient to buy it online.
  • Again Internet Banking is another example of Internet usage as to how many people turn to Internet for banking.
  • Online portals like flikpart, ebay, amazon are some examples of online usage and even online transactions (E-commerce)