Rewire your brain for Success

Why is it that some people are successful in whatever they do, go about their business with a positive mindset and most of us can only wish they are able to replicate the same, but couldn’t find a way to break the shackles.

I tell you the difference for those whom we think are successful in their fields and we can call them as achievers are no different from rest of us, barring one difference that is their autopilot or you can say their subconscious is trained or has been acquired with more positive beliefs then the negative ones. They see positive side in most things they do. Fear of failure is not there or even if it is there, it is not to the extent that it prevent them in taking action or working towards their goals.

On the other hand for the rest of us our autopilot is not working the way wish or even working against us. Lack of belief in our abilities, self doubt, fear of failure to not go full throttle to pursue our goals, cannot even take the first step to work on our goal.

The Nature of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is responsible for a vast array of automatic processes and behaviors. It governs everything from our heart rate and breathing to our habitual actions and thought patterns. Unlike the conscious mind, which is limited in capacity and can handle only a few tasks at a time, the subconscious mind can process vast amounts of information simultaneously.

The Formation of the Subconscious Mind

The formation of the subconscious mind begins early in life. During our formative years, we are highly impressionable, absorbing information and forming beliefs based on our experiences and the messages we receive from those around us. Parents, teachers, peers, and the media all play a role in shaping our subconscious beliefs.

The Impact of Early Experiences

Early experiences have a profound impact on the formation of the subconscious mind. Positive experiences, such as encouragement and success, lead to the development of empowering beliefs. Conversely, negative experiences, such as criticism and failure, can result in limiting beliefs. These early experiences create a blueprint for our future behaviors and decisions.

The Impact of Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs can have a profound impact on our behavior and success. These beliefs create a self-fulfilling prophecy, where our actions and decisions are influenced by our expectations. For example, if we believe we are not capable of achieving success, we are less likely to take the necessary actions to achieve it.

Good News

But there is a good news, it is not that these autopilot or subconscious, which acquired the negative beliefs is not reversible.

Just like you instilled these thoughts in your subconscious over the years knowingly or unknowingly, now you can take control and erase these negative patterns of autopilot with the positive ones.

But how you can achieve this?
1. First of all you need to understand and believe that what limitations you believe you have is not true one bit, but you have made yourself to believe it to be real like for example:

  • I am not good enough.
  • I can’t do this.
  • This is not possible.
  • I don’t possess strong will power.
  • I am not intelligent.
  • This is too hard.
  • I am scared.
  • I lack motivation

so on and so forth. I challenge you that none of these self defeating and self damaging thought are real, but since they have become so much ingrained in your subconscious that you now believe that to be real and true.
The moment you realize and understand that it is me who acquired these patterns and it is me who is responsible to let it settle in my deeper thoughts, you are ready and can prepare yourself for the unlimiting and boundless success which are there for you.

Once you are start believing that what you have learned so far for the negative patterns is not true and it is to time to unlearn them, you are right on the money.

Now let’s understand what is the difference between conscious and subconscious(autopilot) thinking.
The subconscious is like when you act or think and go about your task during the day without being actively aware or watching your thought patterns is called auto pilot. On the contrary say now you say to yourself that next 10minutes I am going to do this or that and keep a watch on what you have planned for the next minutes and engaged in what you have planned is conscious action aligned with awareness and during this time you can say that even if your subconscious is not the one you wanted have no power upon you.
So first and foremost strategy is like prepare yourself to take charge, take charge of watching your thought patterns, identifying the ones which are preventing you from achieving what you want to achive.

Practice affirmation throughout the day for with the positive and deliberate feedback to yourself.

Practice meditation for at least 10minutes everyday, which can help you see things in a better perspective.
I don’t think I can put all the strategies here in a single blog, but I have written a comprehensive book, which is near completion and I expect it to be by 30th June. If you are interested to buy this book, you can pre-book your copy at approx. 40% discount that is at INR250 as against the regular price of INR400 once published.

Besides the book we have developed a tool/app which can help you accelerate training your subconscious with positive thought patterns. This is a well established and proven technique that more you feed yourself with positive statements throughout the day, faster you can train your subconscious to work to your advantage.
The tool/app we have developed does exactly that, like when you install this application in your desktop or laptop, it has predefined categories with good number of positive statements within each category, which can be flashed on your screen on top of all screens.
The other features of this app is like:

  • You can add your own categories and messages/statements in each category.
  • You can set the interval for the messages to be flashed
  • You can set the duration for which the message will stay on the screen
  • You can change font-size, font color, background color etc.

All in all you can control the flashing of the messages at a pace you feel comfortable which help train your subconscious rather then an annoyance. The more you use it on daily basis faster the result you can get. We have added a demo video for it as well on the product page.
You can follow the below link if you are interested to add this tool to your new journey. I believe that this can surely help you.
We are so confident that this will immensely help you and you will find it useful and beneficial.

But if in doubt, we are extending a money back guarantee, if you want to return it and we will refund the amount without any condition except a favor like a feedback that why you chose to return the same.

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